Total Rebranding of a Corporation


A New Global Group


Herzog GmbH and miniGears SpA, acquired by the international investment fund FINATEM,  join together in order to create a global leader in the production of gears and components.


The new Brand needed a new identity - to be repositioned on the worldwide market - and a support to the transition for the employees located in Italy, Germany and China.



Market and competitor’s evaluation led us to think of a unique identity, different from all other

 global players.



The Big Idea is the ensamble of  two basic concepts: italian passion and german precision.



Name, Logo, Pictogram, Payoff, the corporate video and the website are focused on enhancing the quality of engineering.



The transition process has been supported with a set of actions and events that involved the employees, clients, prospects, finantial institutions, press and suppliers.

Creative Concept

The concept is simple:

Gears are the heart of customer’s performance.


The main idea is to pull together 2 key elements:

A new Logo & Payoff


The study of the pictogram led us to avoid the use of the gear wheel  (symbol widely used by competitors), in favor of the concept of cutting.

The letters " h " and " g " are derived from similar forms in volumes and curves.

The choice of colors is far from the traditional colors of the area (shades of blue)

Digital Presence


  • 4 languages
  • multiuser management
  • different access permissions
  • candidates management in 3 countries
  • dynamic catalogue

Key Concept


hGears’ advanced engineering is the main concept we focused on.

Unlike competitors, which use library images or photos, we designed every market application by hand, showing the taylor made approach of the company on the engineering side.



and shareholders

Transition management

Target segmentation

Tools setup

Delivery of different messages to different target

Leading Change



Company population

Board members

Transition announce

Phase 1

Upcoming new identity

Upcoming event


Phase 2

Being a Group

Event details

Save the date


Phase 3


Transition management



Italy, Germany, China


Speeches support

Communication materials


Tech support

Transition support

Video Production

The production of a corporate video has been a strong element for the whole communication. Shot in Italy, Germany and China, it shows the real capability of the Group in terms of technical means, skills and people.







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  • 4 languages
  • multiuser management
  • different access permissions
  • candidates management in 3 countries
  • dynamic catalogue